Important Tools and Equipment to Properly Install the Tire

Tools & Equipment for Tire Installation

Tire technicians make tire installation look like it is such an easy thing to do. They are able to do so because they are trained and experienced. However, these two are not enough because they will still not be able to move quickly if they are not fully equipped. These tools and equipment are important so the installation of the tire is done properly and quickly. Below are some of the important tools & equipment a tire shop should have.

Tire Cage

Inflating a car tire should be inside a tire cage. When installing a new tire, there is a possibility that the tire needs to be inflated before putting it back in. for safety purposes, the inflation should be inside the tire cage.

Tire Changer

This machine gives a technician a simpler job. The machine will assist the technician in dismounting and mounting tires. There are different tire changer that assists the technician to replace tires from different types of vehicles. This machine makes a tire installation a faster process.

Lug Wrench

They are used to loosen or tighten lug nuts on the tire. They come in different shapes. The L-shaped lug wrench is the most common type which is usually found in car trunks. But the ones used in the tire shops is the spider wrench. It is cross-shaped and has different socket size on each end.

Torque Wrench

Tightening of the lug nuts and bolts is very vital in tire installation. That is using the torque wrench is a wise choice. Through it, the pressure that is being applied to the lug nuts and bolts are thoroughly measured. This will ensure that they are installed in a proper way.

Tire and Wheel Balancer

Before installing the new tire, it needs to be perfectly balanced. It has to go through a tire and wheel balancer to ensure that they are balanced. This will ensure that your wheel would not wobble when you are running on a certain speed.

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