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Hollywood Sound Tire & Water
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 16 reviews
by Herbert Mcdaniel on Hollywood Sound Tire & Water
Filled with Professional Mechanics

Thank you for aligning the wheels of my vehicle and fixing the tires, as well! I couldn't be more satisfied with the results. The price was quite good, too. I highly recommend your tire shop.

by Noel Long on Hollywood Sound Tire & Water
The Ideal Service

Thanks to the mechanics at this shop, I got my car a professional tire alignment and my driving experience has never been better. I honestly enjoy riding around in my car now, without it wandering all over the road. The price wasn't that bad, too. I highly recommend this shop.

by Ernesto Wells on Hollywood Sound Tire & Water
Professional Mechanics

These mechanics provide the ideal wheel alignment service. I've already taken my vehicle a couple of times, due to my silly driving and hitting too many potholes, but they always pull it off, on time. I couldn't be more satisfied. I highly recommend this company.

by Pat Spencer on Hollywood Sound Tire & Water
Right on Time and Professionally Done

These technicians sure know their work. I bought a new set of winter tires and these guys did a quick tire installation service. The price was good, too. I couldn't be more satisfied with the results.

by Allan Malone on Hollywood Sound Tire & Water
Expert Technicians

I recently blew a tire and took my ride to this tire shop. The techs there managed to solve the problem with a quick and effective tire repair service. I hope next time I don't get into such trouble, but even if I do, I will know where to turn. I highly recommend these guys.

by Jesse King on Hollywood Sound Tire & Water
True Professionals

I was searching for a tire shop when I stumbled upon this company on the Internet. Their website was very good and the good reviews I found there made them seem trustworthy. I decided to visit them and have their professionals replace my tires with new ones. They had nice offers and did an excellent job.

by Dennis Wright on Hollywood Sound Tire & Water
new tires

I got my new tires from this tire shop. I'm new in town and one of my buddies at work recommended this place when I was looking for new tires that weren't overly priced. I'd definitely recommend this shop!

by Philip Torres on Hollywood Sound Tire & Water
Excellent Services

This is the company I would recommend to anyone who needs a tire installation service. They are very skilled and always replace my tires in a timely manner. I will keep using their services when I need them in the future. They are amazing professionals.

by Evelyn Walkers on Hollywood Sound Tire & Water
The Right Choice

I had to find a company that provides wheel alignment services in my area when a friend told me of these remarkable professionals. I hired them to align the wheels of my vehicle, and they did an excellent job. I wish to recommend their outstanding service to anyone who is looking for such professionals.

by Eugene Watson on Hollywood Sound Tire & Water
Thank You!

I always visit this place when I need a wheel alignment service. I am always happy with the quality of the service I got from them because they are very skilled and hard working. I recommend them and the outstanding services they provide.

by Ann Carter on Hollywood Sound Tire & Water
Outstanding Company

I turn to this company whenever I need tire installation services. I am always pleased with the superb quality of the tires I get and the service I receive. I wish them all the best would gladly recommend their services.

by Anthony Kaya on Hollywood Sound Tire & Water
Great Services

I came in with my donut spare tire on my car since I had a flat tire earlier in the day. These guys were able to provide me with a great tire installation service! I had an extra tire in my garage so I gave that to them to put on and it was done in no time!

by Martha Lee on Hollywood Sound Tire & Water
Thank You

Thank you to this amazing wheel alignment service! I noticed a problem with my daughter's car when I was driving it so I took it in to get aligned. They were very helpful and completed the alignment super fast. I definitely noticed a difference once driving it again!

by Beatrice Motz on Hollywood Sound Tire & Water
Great Professionalism

The professionalism at this tire shop is awesome. I was unsure of what kind of tires to buy for my car and they were able to help me out. They were very kind and made sure that I understood why it was important to rotate my tires and everything!

by Terry M. on Hollywood Sound Tire & Water
Great Service

I came in for a tire installation and to purchase a spare tire to have just in case. These guys did a great job! They helped me find the perfect spare tire and I even got a deal on it! I was very happy with the service that I got here!

by Donald Vang on Hollywood Sound Tire & Water
Good prices

This is one affordable shop! I thought I would be overpaying for my wheel alignment but definitely not here! They have such great prices and the service is amazing. I will for sure be recommending this place to everyone I know looking for tire and wheel services!

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